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Air Force Academy Day will be held on Saturday, March 24, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the NC National Guard near the RDU airport.  The day will be an open house type event.  We will have different topics set up in different rooms, and the attendees will flow through each program at 30 minute intervals, based on their interest and age level.  The programs are as follows: 

Appointments:  An Admissions Liaison Officer will present an overview of all aspects of the admissions process, including the calendar of events in the process and the criteria used to evaluate candidates’ applications.

 Nominations:  Unlike other civilian universities, the military academies require a congressional nomination for entrance in addition to the appointment.  Representatives from several congressional staffs will be on hand to talk about their individual processes and unique requirements.

 Summer Programs:  Summer Scientific Seminar, and Sports Camps information will be presented.  Scientific programs range from meteorology to aeronautical engineering.  Sports Camps are open to students 6th grade and up.

 Meet Your ALO:  Every candidate is assigned an admissions liaison officer to assist with the admissions process.  These officers are geographically assigned based on zip codes.  Find out who your representative is and discuss the interview with one or more representatives.

 ROTC Opportunities:  USAFA is not the only route to an Air Force commission.  Air Force ROTC programs are in universities across the country and provide an exceptional array of scholarship opportunities.  AFROTC representatives will be available to discuss how to apply for those opportunities and the programs available at civilian universities.

 Merchant Marine Academy:  It is not widely known that graduates from the Merchant Marine Academy, located in Long Island, NY, may choose a career in any of the services.  A representative will be on site to discuss this additional option for acquiring an Air Force commission.

 USAFA Videos and Basic Cadet Training – This segment of the open house will focus on the various aspects of military training provided at USAFA.  Cadets spend their first summer at Basic Cadet Training (BCT).  Then, throughout their four-year period at the Academy, they are involved with other training, including flight instruction and jump instruction.  All of these experiences are captured on entertaining videos.

 Meet a Cadet:  A current cadet from the Academy will be there to talk candidly about what cadet life is really like.  Parents of cadets will be there also to answer parents’ questions and concerns.

 AF Careers:  Air Force officers will talk about their careers, such as flying, navigating, engineering, and medicine.

 Civil Air Patrol:  CAP is the Auxillary of the U.S. Air Force.  The CAP Cadet Program provides students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills through their love of aviation.  Survival training, search and rescue, disaster relief, radio communications, model rocketry, flight training, and leadership training are just some of the activities.

 Young Eagles:  This program was created to get more people interested in aviation.  Pilots donate their time and their plane expenses in order to educate people about aviation opportunities and provide rides to as many students as possible at various rallies around the state.  Talk with one of the field reps.

 F-15E Static Display at RDU Airport -- Shuttles during the day to and from RDU.

 Directions:  Take Exit 285 from Interstate 40 (Morrisville – Airport exit).  This is Aviation Parkway.  Continue toward airport.  Turn right on the second hard surface road, which is National Guard Drive.  The NC National Guard is 1 mile past “Park n Ride #3”.

 Contact Major Sandy Willey at (919) 518-0784 for more details or questions.