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My Third Circle

There are many economic measurements when defining the BEST IN THE WORLD.  Simply having the most money and the best toys does not mean that you are the best in the world.  I would argue that it simply means you have the most money and the best toys.  All of it may have been inherited.  It does not necessarily mean you are the BEST IN THE WORLD.  When it comes to web sites - EBAY is probably the most successful web based business ever founded.  It is definitely one of the most profitable web-based businesses.  Many outstanding web based companies have disappeared because they never found their economic engine.  Hits per Day is the standard for most web based businesses.  If you can get people to visit your site - you basically have your foot in the door.  The key is to have those same people coming back to your site day, after day, after day.  In order to be the BEST Aviation Education Web in the World I must have the most HITS/DAY - day, after day, after day... 

What drives my economic engine?

The number of hits per day measures the economics of web-based businesses.  I will use this measurement to define my goal of the BEST AVIATION EDUCATION WEB SITE IN THE WORLD.  This site will be designed to educate pilots and students of aviation.  To be the best it does not have to be the most profitable.  In fact - once it is built - it will be FREE.   The satisfaction of making the world a safer place by providing an educational tool for pilots will be the reward.
What drives my economic engine?  HITS / DAY - day, after day, after day



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