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My First Circle

My passion for Aviation goes all the way back to my youth.  My father took me to Kennedy park in Hempstead Long Island to play in a static display of an F-86 Sabre Jet. These early memories where fun and instilled a strong bond between my Dad and I.  These trips to the park were educational and left a lasting impression.  I began reading aviation books and building model aircraft not long after this first experience.


What am I deeply passionate about?

As I read the book, "Good to Great", I realized that there are many circles when you personalize the hedgehog concept.  My first passion is my wife and children.  I want to be the best husband and father.  The economic engine is the satisfaction of loving my wife, and raising my children to be responsible citizens and great human beings.  My second passion is my job.  I love being a pilot and I love working for JetBlue.  I want to be the best pilot and the economic engine is my salary and profit sharing. 
I searched my soul to find what I am deeply passionate about?  I am deeply passionate about aviation and education - in fact they are inseparable.  It is the reason I entered Air Force Junior ROTC in High School - to study aviation.  It is the reason I chose the USAF Academy over any other school - aviation education.  It is the reason I have stayed in the USAF Reserves and have served as an Admissions Officer for the Academy for over 17 years - aviation education.  It is the reason I chose a year off the line to teach at the Miami Training Center - aviation education.
What am I deeply passionate about?  Aviation Education



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