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My Second Circle

Defining the second circle takes a great amount of humility and integrity.  How can I truly reach down inside and say I am the BEST IN THE WORLD in a certain area? 
It takes a certain amount of courage to reach down inside and say - no, I am not the best pilot in the world.  No, I am not the best husband, nor am I the best father.  It is not for lack of trying and if you questioned my wife and children - they may say I am the best husband and father. 
When it comes to going from "Good to Great" - I am not going to quit my job and try to become the "Ironman" of Aviation Education.   I am simple going to start with an idea.  An Aviation Education Web Site.  I was awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal for an Aviation Camp I founded for children in 1999.  Why not use these same aviation education materials to build an aviation education web site?  THE BEST AVIATION EDUCATION WEB SITE IN THE WORLD!!!

What can I be the BEST IN THE WORLD at?

What can I be the BEST IN THE World at is probably the most difficult question when using the three circles of the "hedgehog concept".  It is easy to find my passion.  Most people have several passions.  BEST IN THE WORLD seems rather extreme.  But to go from good to great - it is essential that you become the best in the world.  Otherwise you are simply - good.  As I consider all the areas of my passion - Aviation Education - I realize I have a gift.  I am good with Computer technology.  I am not an expert in html, nor am I a computer geek.  But I was one of three officers selected to design the online site for the USAF Academy.  I love building web sites. Why not combine this gift with my passion and create the Best Aviation Education Web Site in the world!

What can I be the BEST IN THE WORLD at?



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